la regina dei baci

Books are precious tools. We would like to share with you a few reading recommendations, books with which we had a lot of fun but that also made us think, with our kids.

“The Queen of Kisses”by Kristien Aertssen.  A favourite, it has accompanied us in the first discovery of sentimental education and the words to describe feelings.

You wander from toys and sweet queens, to night ones and queens of gardens and cats in the search of the queen of kisses, a mummy that works and can’t wait to hug and kiss.

“In a Mice Family” by Giovanna Zoboli and Simona Mulazzani. Many episodes of a mice family are described, shared moments and individual situations, common rules and principles of individual freedom, because in a family there is a place for everyone but you mist allow space as well. And most importantly you cannot forget the good night kiss.

“Press here” by Tullet. It’s a playbook, that opens up a to a reading space in which the child is actively involved with his magical hands in the text. We spent many afternoons turning the book around, playing and shacking the illustrated dots.

“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen, has been defined a masterpiece of children’s literature. We love the family described in the story because there are five members just like our one. We emphasize with the characters in the way the manage fears all together and especially when they are all under the blankets and they shout all at once: “We’re never going again on a Bear Hunt!”

“Jimmy has lost his cap” of Bruno Munari. Munari’s ability to make you look in between the pages of his book for Jimmy’s cap when he is wearing on his head during the whole story, is striking. Children not only participate opening the little pop-up windows but also in describing the mess of Jimmy, who keeps a little bird in his closet, a shoe in the fridge, a crab in his laundry. Munari manages to open pop-ups outside the book itself.