allacciature montessori
Why Nini desided to design the shoe rack Pepetta with Montesso rilacing board inside?
Put on your shoes. Take off your shoes. Lacing… A daily scene with my son: we limp by lifting a foot, we fall, we sit on the floor, we get up again to fit the foot inside the shoe, then the other one … With Pepetta it’s easy: you just sit on it. But that’s not all: it helps being tidy and developing fine motor skills. Pepetta is a shoe rack for children, so they can choose their own shoes, put them on, and put them back in, on their own. And while waiting for mom or dad to wear their shoes, they can practice by knotting, twisting, shoving … with lots of colorful laces.
I remember very well when my dad taught me how to tie my shoes, I was about four years old, it was a magical moment, a great achievement.