lettino montessori evolutivo

Ninnanì is a low bed, following Montessori indications, with a comfortable opening on the bottom and soft edges in order to avoid falling out from the sides. But there is something more, as in all Nini’s furniture: our bed becomes a place to tell stories and, when we grow up, a bookshelf.

But why a low bed without bars?

I remember, the belly was starting to show, and with twins it was really going to explode. I was already starting to think about where to put them to sleep. So I searched for solutions, and this is how I discovered that my mother had put my brother on a mattress on the ground, otherwise he would throw himself over the edges. And then even Maria Montessori said it: with the mattress at 20 cm from the ground, even the youngest child can be autonomous in getting in and out from the bed without danger.

And so, with a little bit of fear, we decided to try.

Yes, because with the first child it is normal to be scared, scared of not knowing how to identify the dangers, or not being able to protect him or her.

But having a child is like throwing your heart beyond the obstacle and so… why not? The idea of ​​not having barriers is beautiful, we thought. A nice message for tomorrow.

So we organized ourselves, we arranged the house for the babies to come, a few tweaks and some other precautions… A night light and the kitchen door closed!

It was a great joy for us to be able to sit next to them for goodnight stories without filters, without obstacles to overcome. It was easy to put them to sleep together: sitting on a bench, one hand for each of them, or a book to read until bedtime.

Children are free to come and go, of course, but each according to their personality. Two of my children still cried until we would go get them, while the third one just joined us crawling or slept all night long.

One morning, when I just couldn’t get up, I saw the twins reaching my bed. Vera, 10 months old, went to get her brother, to make him stop crying. I saw them like this, crawling towards me. And then I thought I had made the perfect choice for us.