montessori light table
Explore the nature, collect leaves, analysing transparencies, build with small sticks and play with marbles, experiment with forms and colors.
These are the most preferred kid’s activities, but they can also be an important way to learn. The Reggio Emilia Approach makes excellent use of the learning opportunities that light, shadow and reflections can offer.
The lighting table helps in raising the interest on any setting, creating a place for observation and exploration of shape, form, opacity and color mixing. Their calming influence invites sensory exploration and provides motivation, engaging attention for sustained periods of time.
Playing with light provides the perfect opportunity for magical experiences to be enjoyed by children. Light and darkness hold fascination and intrigue, as well as an element of risk and challenge and of being scared. (questo non c’è nella versione italiana non so se vogliamo metterlo, è carino ma allunga, cercherei post più corti)
Tavoluccico is a lighting table: it allows many activities and explorations of light, colour and materials. By removing the plexiglass top it be comes a container for playing with mall objects, like sand, small stones, coloured fiches, beads… For inventing and reinventing.