Nini was born out of a meeting between elena and Paola, who met and immediately understood each other. Because both are in constant search for new ideas to raise their children independent, self confident and creative.

…a line of children’s furniture designed and inspired by the principles of Maria Montessori and the schools of Reggio Emilia. Nini allows for independent exploration, experimentation, and unlimited creative thinking within the walls of your home.

An architecture for kids, that is also a space for parents and children  to meet. A space where the function of objects goes beyond mere furnishings, helping parents and children to grow up together and let imagination fly.

Nini is also a place where parents can share doubts, information, suggestions.
Because we believe that sharing is a natural constructive need as it has been for Elena and Paola

Our company benefits from the support of Regione Lazio thanks to the funds for sustaining the enterprises in the field of cultural and creative activities.