Dindola, a slightly special Montessori chair, is renewed!

How and why Dindola, this slightly special Montessori chair changed its look a little …

Well, let’s face it… we have started writing our blog again to look a little more serious on social media. Like all of us, we have experienced a period in apnea. We went by with little activity and without something to really share with you.

However, we didn’t stop completely… there were things we wanted to fix, things to review and things to file. Not some of our favourite tasks but non the less we got everything completed.

But in the meantime we were wondering…

How to keep a business going in time of COVID.

We thought that to move forward we must always at what we have done and review ourselves accordingly.  We won’t stop believing that research, attention and product care is our winning weapon. So we thought that the best way to take advantage of this period was to improve our products and think about what we offer.

Where to start again then? We decided to go with the fundamentals, and in our case from Dindola …

sedia per bambini in legnoDindola, a slightly special Montessori chair, is renewed!

Dindola , let’s say it now and here, we have it in our hearts. Because with a few pieces of wood we were able to make everything we wanted.

In the meantime, we wanted a double-height chair as used in Montessori nurseries and preschools , which was light and portable which had a comfortable handle, to promote autonomy and independence.

Ours, as many of you already know, also becomes rocking, so when the child acquires the right skills they can also train and improve their sense of balance.

During covid we utilised our time and revised the design and have made some new tests and here is the photo!

The proportions have remained the same, but you will now find that it resembles the typical shape of an old generation rocking horse. So the design is improved and there it is more fun for the children!!


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