Dindola, a slightly special Montessori chair, is renewed!

How and why Dindola, this slightly special Montessori chair changed its look a little …

Well, let’s face it… we have started writing our blog again to look a little more serious on social media. Like all of us, we have experienced a period in apnea. We went by with little activity and without something to really share with you.

However, we didn’t stop completely… there were things we wanted to fix, things to review and things to file. Not some of our favourite tasks but non the less we got everything completed.

But in the meantime we were wondering…

How to keep a business going in time of COVID.

We thought that to move forward we must always at what we have done and review ourselves accordingly.  We won’t stop believing that research, attention and product care is our winning weapon. So we thought that the best way to take advantage of this period was to improve our products and think about what we offer.

Where to start again then? We decided to go with the fundamentals, and in our case from Dindola …

sedia per bambini in legnoDindola, a slightly special Montessori chair, is renewed!

Dindola , let’s say it now and here, we have it in our hearts. Because with a few pieces of wood we were able to make everything we wanted.

In the meantime, we wanted a double-height chair as used in Montessori nurseries and preschools , which was light and portable which had a comfortable handle, to promote autonomy and independence.

Ours, as many of you already know, also becomes rocking, so when the child acquires the right skills they can also train and improve their sense of balance.

During covid we utilised our time and revised the design and have made some new tests and here is the photo!

The proportions have remained the same, but you will now find that it resembles the typical shape of an old generation rocking horse. So the design is improved and there it is more fun for the children!!


bedtime routine for babies and toddler

How to start the bedtime routine? Is it necessary for a peaceful family life or can we improvise?

Here is Elena’s experience with her three children

Once a baby is born, everyone will start asking how they’re sleeping and giving their input and advice. Who in the parent bed until the age of majority, who in his own bedroom all night spun immediately.

The sleep / wake rhythm of a small child is very different from us adults and as parents we are faced with the dilemma of which approach to follow.

How to get a baby to fall asleep at the same time every night?

What was clear was that I would need to set up a bedtime routine. But what is this bedtime routine and why is a bedtime routine important for a child?

At the beginning we found ourselves with lot of difficulties. Children can be unpredictable, everything changed from day to day and we struggled to find “our” rhythm.

After all, I was never an organized person, and the idea of ​​having rigid schedules gave me a certain feeling of oppression.

Perhaps also for this reason, as soon as it was possible, I chose a low cot for my children.

Knowing that, despite being very small, they still had the opportunity to self-manage as much as possible, reassured me. This meant that wherever we are (with or without our favourite cot), the children would feel comfortable and at home with the simplicity of a mattress instead of a camping crib.

Tips to establish a bedtime routine

For us, we found our routine in the little things. It was not a linear process nor was everything perfect, but gradually the routine was built from the little things. With a song sung every night, little words whispered in their ear and the warm feeling from an old stuffed animal to hug. In fact, setting up a bedtime routine helped us to establish how to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Maria Grazia Honegger Fresco, last disciple of Maria Montessori, who recently passed away, teaches us why having a bedtime routine is important and highlights the need to keep our evening rituals and routines the same.

We learned this from the book ‘Facciamo la nanna!’ which helped us a lot!..sorry I can’t find a translation in english.

Children need safety, a comfortable place where they can go in the evening. A place for the soul more than anything else, where you can find order and peace at the end of each day. Whether used fun or relaxing, for a small child it will always be a source of learning. A type of learning that can sometimes seem silent but will always be tumultuous inside.* please do not confuse it with “Go to sleep!” by Eduard Estivill, widely disputed and unsupported scientifically. 

Finding the serenity to fall asleep

Some have found their routine in the bath, massage, bed sequence, reading the same book before bed, for others still have a favorite song or story repeated equally every night.

Certainly the environment is crucial, with a soft light, the hand of a guardian, a prepared and dedicated space helps a lot to let yourself go to sleep.Organizing the bedroom is important, so that there is space for everything and is designed for children.

Our family experience was to associate a song for each of my children and a lullaby that my grandmother sang to me which concludes our routines and allows for a moment with all three.

Even now that they have grown up a little, they find comfort in it and continue to sing it in the moments when they are most restless. Have you found your bedtime routine?

What is your lullaby or favorite book for your own bedtime routine? you can read our tip on the blog!

Montessori child's bedroom

How to furnish a child’s bedroom from birth following the style and principles of Maria Montessor. A discovery of three steps to ensuring their space is always functional.


What comes to mind when we think of the bedroom?

A question that as an architect and mother I have asked myself many times. But in my experience, when we think about our children’s room we don’t always think about the same thing. Our children are constantly evolving, therefore we need to adapt to their needs, and consequently, our search for the perfect room changes.


Through developing Nini, I have learned to divide the requirements of a child’s bedroom into three stages. The three stages of growth that help us to furnish the bedroom according to child development.


The baby’s room: is it necessary? 

The first phase represents from birth and early childhood, the second is learning through play and creativity, and finally the time of study and growth.


From birth to around 10 months, the baby bonds with their caregiver and a dedicated space is not always necessary, but in the second and third stages (from a year up) it is very important for children and young people to have a specific space, a place just for them, a refuge, a den.


The right moment to set the kidsroom.

Starting from the first year, the needs of the child change, and it becomes necessary to create his own reference space, where they can find games, books and everything else.


How do I set up my toddler’s bedroom? 

I consider the second stage can be identified as the phase of play and creativity, the discovery of oneself and the world, the desire for autonomy. Furnishing the bedroom in Montessori style works by following their needs and acknowledging the stages of growth. So the principles of Montessori will work by adapting to your child.


Starting from Montessori pedagogy and from the principles of psychomotor skills, we can try to stimulate their desire for independence by organizing functional areas designed for children.


What are the needs of a child in their bedroom?

The “nanna”. Why montessori floor bed?

When the child begins to move independently, crawling or walking, in the cot they will be able to get on and off by themselves, if positioned at the right height and do not prevent the ascent with bars. In fact, the classic bed with bars may seem safer, but in some cases it can stimulate the desire to “escape” by climbing over the bars, therefore increasing the risk of falling.


Why a Montessori floor bed? It will encourage child independence as they can get in and out safely. The low bed is sometimes also preferred by mum and dad, who can sit comfortably to read a bedtime story, without bending down. Our Ninnanì has exactly these characteristics, read the story of Elena and her twins!

montessori style toddler bed

The dressing room.

Next to the bed we can then organize a dressing corner with hangers and a chest, to practice dressing yourself, putting away the bedtime books and pyjamas.

mettere le scarpe da solo

Play and creativity.

The bedroom is also play, creativity and “work” from an early age as Maria Montessori said… therefore the Montessori method can help in child development and can educate the human potential.  So it is important when you want to furnish your bedroom in Montessori style to have a space with a table and chair in order to be able to draw, play, assemble and experiment.

An incredible way that we have experimented and which draws directly from the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia schools, is the light table! Together with our children, we can experiment with light, colors, transparencies … using any type of material: leaves, fruit, sand, colors of various textures … and anything that comes to mind.

Montessori child's bedroom

Reanding and relaxing.

But even the relaxation and reading space will be more stimulating with a front bookcase, where the child can choose a book themselves, and snuggle up on a soft carpet to look through it independently or on their mother’s legs.

Does a Montessori child’s bedroom really help parents?

A tidy kids room: lets declutter!

We can be surprised to discover, also thanks to Maria Montessori, that order is a primary need for children. Montessori is a way of life and the external order reflects an internal order which is necessary for children to understand and accumulate all the new knowledge acquired every day. Organizing the space with few objects and furniture will make management easier, focusing on the rotation of games and books and observing the child and understanding the needs of their development stage.

Litterally look up!

Where to store the rest of stuff? If we all have child-sized furniture on the ground, we can use furniture “overhead” for parents: wall units and shelves for everything that doesn’t have to be within reach of our little ones!

A safe kids room.

In addition, a Montessori child’s bedroom will be deemed safe by selecting safe and certified materials, and for example, not risking the negative foresight in plugging electrical sockets and using too soft upholstery in case of suffocation in the first years of age.

If everything is close to hand, there will be no possibility of falls from above and overturning, providing comfort to the whole family and allowing them to spend time together, having fun.